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March 29, 2011

The Power of BodyTalkô

Throughout the Perfect Circle website are testimonials from people who have benefited from BodyTalk™ therapy provided by Dr. Robert L. Carter. To provide more information about the power of BodyTalk™ therapy, Dr. Carter is providing the case studies and testimonials below.

BodyTalkô Testimonials from Portland, Oregon

The following are excerpts from testimonials received by Sid Snider, a Holistic Medicine Practitioner with Synergy Wellness located in Portland Oregon.
Visit the Synergy Wellness website.

Urinary Tract Infection Improves with BodyTalk Therapy
I had a Urinary Tract Infection that persisted for two weeks despite the fact I was treating it rigorously with herbs and alternative therapies. I was ready to just go get antibiotics, which I wanted to avoid because I know the harmful effects they can have on your body. I decided to give BodyTalk a try, and after one session the UTI was about 90% improved. The results were immediate, which really surprised me even though I know a lot about and am a believer in the Body Talk system. I am so glad that I didn't have to resort to using drugs which would have just compounded the problem in the long run, not solved it.
Mandy Cameron - Licensed Massage Therapist

Hypertension - Blood Pressure is Normal After BodyTalk Therapy
I just wanted to let you know how my blood pressure is going since our recent session on that issue. My husband checked it this morning and it was normal! 108/70. Pretty great results! Thank you SO much!
B G - Retired

BodyTalkô Case Studies from Portland, Oregon

The following case histories appear on the website of Lois J. Wetzel, ND, a certified BodyTalk Practitioner in Houston, Texas.
Visit the Houston BodyTalk System website.

Ovarian Cysts Disappear After BodyTalk Therapy
Colette, a woman in her early fifties, came in with ovarian cysts which were scheduled for surgery, because the doctor was concerned that they might be something more serious than simple cysts. There had been no pathology tests, just MRI readings of the "cysts." The client was very frightened. However, she had two sessions with Lois fifteen days apart. She went back to her doctor about a week after the second session. At Lois' suggestion, the client insisted upon and subsequently got another MRI of her ovaries before she allowed the surgery to be performed. The result of that MRI reading showed that the cysts were totally gone, much to her doctor's surprise. The doctor said that no surgery was necessary.

Fingers Severed in Accident are Reattached and Full Function is Restored with Assistance of BodyTalk
About three years ago, while visiting a client out-of-state, one of the client's nine-year-old granddaughters had the end of two fingers severed in an accident. At Lois' suggestion, the father of the child insisted that the severed parts be reattached even though the doctor adamantly asserted that they would absolutely not grow back. Yet he did reattach them, and Lois did BodyTalk in person at the hospital once, and twice at a distance after she returned to Houston. Not only did the finger tips reattach, they function normally with almost no scars. These tips were reattached five hours after they were severed, which is one hour longer than is deemed possible for successful reattachment, according to the child's doctor.

More recently, in that same family, the same client's former daughter-in-law had her lower lip and chin bitten completely off by a dog. The plastic surgeon reluctantly reattached the blackened flesh. The same client called Lois, and asked that sessions be done for her former daughter-in-law. With the patient's permission, Lois did three sessions remotely since the client was in a city over a thousand miles away. Remote sessions can be extremely powerful. Not only did the flesh re-attach, but it quickly became pink again, and there was tingling and heat in the area that had been severed. This implies that the nerves began to regenerate much faster than is believed possible. She can also speak clearly, because she is able to move the lip, which means the nerves are working. This should not be possible. Two months later, the scars were barely visible. Since there will be more surgeries, Lois has been asked to continue to do sessions on this client.

Update: a few months after the initial reattachment surgery, the plastic surgeon told the client that the original 12 surgeries he had predicted for her chin/lip would not be necessary. She would only need two more surgeries because of the extraordinary healing she was experiencing. He is astonished, and tells her that this rate of healing is a miracle.

BodyTalkô Testimonial from Orlando, Florida

The following testimonial appears on the website of Christina Horgan, a certified BodyTalk Practitioner in Orlando, Florida.
Visit the My Florida BodyTalk  website.

BodyTalk Therapy Assists with 50 Pound Weight Loss
The best diet in the world won't work if you haven't resolved the problem that caused you to become overweight. In my case it's food addiction, (no different than drug or alcohol addiction except you wear it for the world to see.) In May I began my 1st session with Christina, my wonderful Body Talk Practitioner. Since then I have lost over 50 pounds, and for the 1st time I realize that I have finally overcome my lifelong struggle with food addiction. Something I never thought would happen. This alone is a miracle.

What else has evolved from my Body Talk sessions are emotional healing from past negative experiences and an inner strength or will power I didn't realize I had. I won't even try to explain how it works, I just know that it works. Body Talk has changed my life.

Rocella Sharpe

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